Tuition tax credit (Schedule 11 and Schedule T)

Important: The federal tax credit for textbook amounts was eliminated in January 2017 for further tax years (2016 is the last tax year it could be claimed).  Once you have filled out your T2202 form, any provincial/ territorial tax credits for textbook amounts will be calculated on your provincial schedule 11 form (not all provinces and territories provide a credit for textbooks).

If you're a student, you can use Schedule 11 to:

You can claim the tuition tax credit on eligible fees you paid to an educational institution during the year, as long as you received a tax certificate from your school (such as a T2202, TL11A, or TL11C) stating the fees you paid during the year. You can claim all amounts that are more than $100. You can also claim fees paid to an educational institution to take an occupational, trade, or professional exam to obtain a license or certification as a tradesperson or a professional status, as long as you have the receipt.

Note: H&R Block's tax software will automatically complete your federal Schedule 11 for you based on the information you enter into the software from your tax certificate.

You can’t claim the tuition tax credit if your fees:

  • was paid or reimbursed to you by your employer, or your parent’s employer, and the amount isn’t included in your or your parent's income
  • was paid by a federal, provincial, or territorial job training program, and the amount isn’t included in your income
  • was paid (or eligible to be paid) under a federal program to help athletes, and the payment or reimbursement hasn’t been included in your income