Claiming your tuition fees with your T2202 certificate

Important: The T2202A certificate has been replaced by the new T2202 certificate for tax year 2019 and onwards. Alongside this, the federal tax credit for textbook amounts was eliminated in January 2017 for further tax years (2016 is the last tax year it could be claimed).  Once you have filled out your T2202 form, any provincial/ territorial tax credits for textbook amounts will be calculated on your provincial schedule 11 form (not all provinces and territories provide a credit for textbooks).

The T2202 is issued by Canadian colleges, universities, or other educational institutions certifying that a student was enrolled in a program that qualifies for the federal tuition tax credit. If you’re a student who was enrolled during the year in a qualifying educational program at a Canadian college or university, you would’ve received a T2202.

The T2202 lists the total eligible tuition fees you paid, as well as the months you were enrolled in school either part-time or full-time in the tax year. You can use this information to:

  • Claim your tuition tax credit
  • Transfer any unused tuition tax credit amount or
  • Carry forward unused tuition tax credit amounts to a future year