TPZ-1029.MD.5-V: Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors

If you lived in a residential complex (such as a condominium) and paid fees during the year that included the cost of eligible services, for which you can claim the Tax credit for home-support services for seniors, you can ask the building’s syndicate of co-owners to complete the TPZ-1029.MD.5-V form. This form reports the cost of eligible services that are included in the condominium fees you’ve paid during the year, including common expenses and contributions to a contingency fund, that can be used to claim the tax credit.

Anyone who’s at least 70 years of age on December 31, can ask the syndicate of co-owners of his or her condominium to complete this form as long as:

  • You own a unit in the condominium and
  • The condominium fees include the cost of at least one home-support service such as housekeeping, rug cleaning, garbage removal, pool maintenance, and more.