T5: Statement of Investment Income

Your T5: Statement of investment income slip reports the interest, dividends, and certain sources of foreign income that you earned during the year.

If you’re a resident of Québec, you’ll also be issued a Relevé 3: Investment income (RL-3) slip. If you’re filing a Québec return, be sure to enter information from both your T5 and your RL-3 slips into the tax software.

Generally speaking, a bank or financial institution will only issue you a T5 or RL-3 slip (if applicable) your investment income exceeds $50. If you didn’t receive a T5 or RL-3 slip, or if the amount you earned was less than $50, you can report the amounts you earned by completing Statement of investment income, carrying charges, and interest expenses page in the software.

Note: If any amounts are earned in foreign currency, make sure you convert them into Canadian dollars.