How do I amend or edit my return?

You can make changes to a return you’ve already filed with the ReFILE feature. ReFILE lets you amend and resubmit a return to government through the tax software you used to prepare and file your return. ReFILE is quick, efficient (no postage or paper required), and simple, and it's available in H&R Block’s 2023 tax software.

Note: You can only ReFILE your return once you’ve received your notice of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and only if your original return was filed electronically.

Some of the most common scenarios where you might want to ReFILE your return are:

  • You got a late slip (e.g. RRSP contribution slip) that you did not include in your original return
  • You forgot to include a source of income in your original return
  • You forgot to claim a deduction or credit that you are entitled to

Note: You can't use ReFILE to make any adjustments to your personal information (changed marital status, changed address, etc.) or if a ReFile restriction applies to you; it can only be used to adjust a filed tax return (e.g. missed reporting income, forgot to include a slip, etc.).