Help! My coupon code isn’t working!

In some instances, you might find that the coupon code you are trying to use isn’t working properly in the H&R Block tax software. Here are a few tips to try, before you contact our Support Centre:

Enter the code exactly as it appears. All coupon codes appear in uppercase letters (caps locked, e.g. HRB123HRB123); please enter the code exactly as it appears. There should be no spaces, dashes, or other types of punctuation.

Make sure you are purchasing the right product. Each coupon code relates only to the product for which it was created (e.g. DELUXE package, or PREMIER package). If you try to purchase a product in our software that does not match what the coupon code was created for, it won’t work.

Make sure it’s for the correct tax year. If you try to use a coupon code from 2021 in our 2022 tax software, it won’t work. You can only use coupon codes from the current tax year, in the corresponding tax year’s software.

It still doesn’t work!

If all else fails, feel free to contact our Support Centre, and one of our agents can help you figure out why your coupon code is not working. We can help you out at 1-800-HR-BLOCK, between the following hours:

During tax season (February 20 - June 1)

Mon to Fri: 9 am to 9 pm EST

Sat, Sun and Stat holidays: 10 am to 7 pm EST

Outside of tax season (June 2 – February 19) Mon to Fri: 10 am to 7 pm EST