Tax Credit for Québec Seniors’ Activities

If you are 70 years of age or older, a resident of Québec, and if you paid registration fees to participate in physical, artistic, cultural, or recreational activities, you might be eligible to receive a refund equal to 20% of the fees you paid, up to a maximum $40.

To claim this credit:

  • Your income for the year can’t more than the maximum threshold set by Revenu Québec
  • The activities must be part of a program which lasted at least 8 consecutive weeks or 5 consecutive days, or must be offered by a club or association which you were a member of for at least 8 consecutive weeks, and
  • You must have your receipt for the registration or membership fees you paid

You can’t claim this credit if:

  • the fees you paid have been or could be reimbursed
  • your fees have been used to calculate another tax credit
  • the fees paid were for a program that were offered by a business or a person without a valid QST number and at the time you made the payment, the business was the operator of the private seniors’ residence where you lived or the person was related to you