Manitoba fertility treatment tax credit

If you or your spouse or common-law partner received fertility treatment in 2021 from a licensed medical practitioner or infertility treatment clinic in Manitoba, you might be able to claim the Manitoba Fertility Treatment Tax Credit, equal to 40% of the costs of treatment. You can claim up to $20,000 for a maximum of $8,000 per year. There’s no limit on the number of treatments you can claim, as long as the amount claimed isn’t more than the maximum yearly amount.

Note: Either you or your spouse can claim this tax credit but it can’t be split between you both.

You can claim the Manitoba Fertility Treatment Tax Credit if:

  • You’re a resident of Manitoba on December 31
  • You or your spouse paid for fertility treatments in 2021 and
  • The fertility treatment is given by a Manitoba licensed medical practitioner or fertility treatment clinic located in the province

Note: You can’t claim a credit for fertility treatments outside of Manitoba but you can claim any costs from follow-up treatments by a Manitoba physician.